Jeff R. Allen

This is Jeff R. Allen's home page.

About me

After working 10 years as a sysadmin (see below), I "retired" in September 2004. I am now a Logistician/Administrator with MSF, and I do IT gigs between postings to pay the bills. To get here, I had to retrain myself by doing fun things like sailing from Spain to Africa, living in Guatemala for four months (studying Spanish and working for Planeta en Línea), getting training from the American Red Cross and from RedR, and living in Lausanne Switzerland and learning French from Ecole-club Migros.

You can read about these adventures on my blog (such as it is). If you want to hire me (or place me as a volunteer) for humanitarian aid work, check out my resume.

Here are some of the things that made me me, before I started this latest adventure:

Contacting me

I am [email protected].

Spam is not welcome. Happily bogofilter and Gmail can tell the difference between the trash my friends send me and the trash you spammers are planning on sending. So, seriously, don't bother.

My ham radio call sign is KI6BNK. When I am monitoring the radio, it is almost always on the repeater N6NFI. I sometimes check in to the 9 AM Talk Net. I'm planning to get in the habit of checking in to the local ARES/RACES net, too. When I am in Redwood City, that will be SCARES.

My PGP key is here or here.

Why the "R"?

It stands for Richard, my father's name. I don't use it in daily life, but I always use "Jeff R. Allen" for publications to make it easier for you, the viewing audience, to keep track of which Jeff Allen I am. My username has been jra for a good long while now.

Old Pages

I have lived at various places on the net in the past, including: